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 Lets Start This Shit up again!!!!!

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{=TB=} Clan Moderator

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Lets Start This Shit up again!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Lets Start This Shit up again!!!!!   Lets Start This Shit up again!!!!! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 07, 2013 12:39 pm

so as Lambassador has brought to our attention it has been nearly 5 years inactive for the TB forums and that's just not on.

hence forth with new games and new content coming out every day, i will personally be doing my part to bring the bastards back to light.

Some new games to clan up in...
Borderlands 2
Guildwars 2
Starwars TOR

just to name a few. i personally play all these games often so ill be starting clans soon. fuck it, i got nothing better to do.

Who you gonna call when you have food to be eaten..... FATMAN
Lets Start This Shit up again!!!!! Mn2lok
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Lets Start This Shit up again!!!!!
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